January 17, 2011

I am currently via email planning my Prezzo Live tour dates! Without a car it is proving difficult as stage pianos are not the easiest of items to transport all over the place! In Dec I won a the Prezzo Live competition and my own tour will be kicking off in Feb for 10 dates in England. I’m pretty excited to get going, but lots needs to be done first, wanna get my set sounding great and throw in a few new songs. Need to make some CDs to sell along the way. Make sure none of the dates clash with work. Car Hire. Lift Bribe. Practice Practice Practice.

The dates should all be confirmed soon and I shall post them up here.


Other planning includes thinking of things to get my boyfriend for his birthday which is getting close… hmmm… think think think!! He’s set the bar stupidly high.



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